Pansofik ENV-2 MP Wireless Sensor

The ENV-2 MP LoRaWAN™ indoor/outdoor multi-purpose wireless sensor provides the ability to monitor a wide variety of environmental and physical parameters.

The ENV-2 is enclosed in a small 3” x 4” x 2” IP67 rated plastic enclosure and is designed to be wall or pole mounted. 

The ENV-2 MP supports any combination of up to six internal sensors: PIR (Occupancy), temperature, humidity, light intensity (lux), CO2, and optional Total VOC.    In addition, the ENV-2 MP supports up to four external sensors including  thermistors (10K, 100K), water leak detectors, and current sensors (4-20mA). 


Pansofik Sensor 2.0 Assembly_CORNER_VIEW_WHITE.png

Pansofik Robeau Wireless Water FlowMeter

THe Robeau Wireless Water flowmeter can monitor up to four (4) water supply lines and is ideal for water sub-metering applications. 

 The meter can provide INSTANTANEOUS and historical water consumption to enable automated billing and can be used to detect water leaks to prevent catastrophic water damage events.