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Pansofik offers a complete sensor to cloud analytics solution for monitoring buildings and facilities to optimize operations, increase asset value,and improve tenant comfort and retention


Fully Managed, Completely Wireless,and Easy to Install


Fully Managed Solution

No Maintenance Required

No IT Resources Needed

Highly Secure

End-to-end Encryption using AES 128

PKI Protected Transport

Reliable and Scalable

Easily Scale to 1000's of Sensors

Fault Tolerant Architecture

Simple Installation

Pre-configured Hardware

Activation via Mobile App

No Wires (battery operated)

Powerful Analytics Deliver Targeted Insight


Aggregate and Display BMS and Sensor Data on One Platform

Instant Threshold Alerts for Rapid Issue Response

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Provide Actionable Insight


Our Solutions Deliver Immediate Impact and Rapid ROI

Environmental Monitoring For Tenant Health & Comfort Increases Retention

Peak Energy Use Monitoring to Significantly Reduce Rates

 Water Sub-Metering, Billing & Leak Detection 

Cold Chain Monitoring For Perishable Assets